3D Gallery


Walk through a virtual gallery on your iPhone and iPod touch and include up to 1800 of your own pictures!

Smooth Graphics:

- Real-time 3D graphics engine.
- Multitexturing, animated textures, lightmaps.
- Efficient rendering functions.

Simple touch controls:

- Drag/flick your finger to change your line of sight.
- Touch the arrow buttons to walk. Walk through the doors to see all rooms.
- Double tap a picture frame to edit it.
- Triple tap outside of a picture frame to hide/show the control buttons, e.g. when making a screenshot.
- Double click the home button to open the iPod music controls.
- The Start button opens a menu. Use the arrow buttons to select an option. Press Start to confirm your selection.




You are the guard of McTavish's traveling caravan, carving out a comfortable existence by taking odd jobs and protecting against the occasional Orc raider when a mysterious attack on the nearby town of Albrect compels you to lend your blade to the good townspeople.

Your Enemy...
It's not just rats that plague the Happy Cadaver Inn. Denizens of hell are seeping through to the world of mortals! During your journey you'll face a horde of gruesome enemies...and their wicked overlords!

Your Skills...
The experience you gain during your adventure lets you learn powerful offensive feats like Slash, Shield Bash, and Berserk or advance in the healing arts to gain Health and Vitality Boosts. As you increase in level, you can upgrade your existing Feats or add new ones. The active combat feats feature graphically stunning on-screen special effects to help make your battles even more heart-pounding and exhilarating.

As you progress you can choose exactly how to improve your character's abilities. Hone your strength to become a real bruiser, become nimble and accurate by focusing on dexterity, increase intelligence to unlock more feats, or work on your constitution to better withstand the onslaught of the undead.

• An iPhone/iPod Touch exclusive release! The game was designed around the powerful Touch controls of the iPhone/iPod Touch
• Fully configurable controls for right or left hand play, use a virtual direction pad or just touch where you want to go
• Customize your character's attributes and feats to suit your play-style
• Advance your characterís abilities while you explore mysterious graveyards, dark chambers and dangerous crypts
• Test your skill on 4 difficulty settings, including the extreme difficulty challenge
• Find thousands of unique armor and weapons to use or trade for gold
• Discover hidden traps and treasures
• Choose from two simple, smooth control schemes to make play easy at home or on the go
• Save your progress at any time or restart with your current experience and items
• Enjoy Underworlds again and again - play through multiple times, on different skills levels


Space Trader : Moon Madness


Assume the role of a Space Trader. Make a profit buying and selling commodities. Start on the Moon, buy low. Hop aboard your ship to new destinations. Sell high. So simple its madness!

In the 3D trading game, Space Trader:Moon Madness, your mission is to make as much money possible within a time limit. Visit various locations in search of the best deals and boost your score by accepting the side quests that offer rewards.

Game Features:

*Innovative first person controls:
Dual-analog controls that are easy to use. The two pads allow you to smoothly control the movement throughout the game and view your surroundings in 360 degrees.

*Fully explorable environments:
You are able to travel anywhere in each level, upstairs and down. Find new Merchants hidden in back corners or stumble upon their discarded stash that you can pick up for profit.

*Large sized game on a small sized device:
Space Trader™: Moon Madness is designed for re-playability. A variety of characters and fluctuating commodities make each game-play unique. Random disasters and secret missions add to the fun.


Soccer Manager


At last a football manager simulation for the iPhone and iPod Touch has arrived. Soccer Manager allows you to take control of a top European team and guide them to league and cup success using your managerial skills.

Choose any team from the top two divisions of six European countries. Buy and sell players, negotiate contracts, deal with your chairman on your path to glory.

Qualify through playoffs, get promotion, win the premier division, qualify and win European competitions in order to fill your trophy cabinet. Your status will record historical achievements even if you change jobs.

Use the information from your staff to help pick the team, deal with injuries and suspensions, whilst fending off the opposition from poaching your players. View detailed information about your player's skill, statistics and contract, all in a simple to use interface.

Check out the transfer list to identify and strengthen your squad, or just listen to your chief scout. After all he does have a great eye for a player within your budget.

Ah yes, the budget. The financial statement and chart will help you keep the chairman on your good side by keeping your balance in the black. Also your transfer fund and wage cap are available so no need to give your chairman an easy way to sack you.

If you fancy a new job then check out the jobs market and see which clubs have vacant posts that might just suit your next challenge.

Play pre-season friendlies to help prepare your team for the upcoming season. Use the training schedules to help improve your squad. Adjust your strategy, formation and tactics to outwit your opponent.

Full match day statistics, commentary and real time scores from other fixtures help you during the match. When the match is not going to plan then you can change your tactics or strategy during the game and make substitutions.

View the fixture lists, league table cup draws and much more.

Have you got what it takes? Only one thing for it, let's Kick Off!

- Manage a team from six European countries
- Customize team and individual training schedules
- Buy and sell players
- Negotiate player contracts
- Challenge for the domestic league and cup
- Qualify for European competitions
- Manage club finances
- View individuals players skills, statistics and contract details
- Scout reports on opposition teams
- Physiotherapist reports on injuries
- Transfer budgets and wage caps
- Sackings, resignations and Job markets
- League tables, fixtures lists and cup draws
- Incredible crowd sound effects and text commentary
- Play and save multiple games
- Trophy cabinet and full historical status
- In-game help, hints and tips
- Customize and adjust team strategy and formation
- Touch players in-game to make substitutions
- Real time match statistics and scores
- Pre-season expectations and post-season reviews



Shooter The Official Movie Game 1.2 iPhone iPod Touch

One of the first movie inspired iPhone games and it aint too shabby.Even the iPhone cannot escape the dreaded genre: The game of the movie. Bizarrely, the recently released Shooter game for the iPhone links back to the Shooter film that came out nearly ywo years ago. Either that's a seriously long time in QA or someone doesn't know how to use a calendar.
The game closely follows the film and if you haven't seen it (or forgotten what happened all those moons ago), here's a quick round-up. Two US military snipers are left for dead in Ethiopia after a mission goes wrong (and one does die). Lone sniper retires for an easy life but years later is framed for an assassination attempt on the President. Said innocent sniper then goes on what is essentially a killing spree to clear his name and unravel the plot. The game itself tries really hard to be the iPhone's Metal Gear (at least before it is actually released). There are long introductions before each mission and there's even actors' voices to accompany the on screen script. Unfortunately it doesn't quite work as well as they intended but they get brownie points for trying.

The action itself is split across 6 missions with each having 5 sub-missions. The game is for the most part a sniper/Silent Scope style game but there are a few variations to mix things up. The sniper missions all follow the same sort of pattern. After selecting your rifle and camouflage/armour you need to find your enemy group by using the binoculars. Tilt the handset to line up the red marks and then press the lower right button on the screen to move to the sniper mode. This is where you get to zoom in on the enemy zone; again tilt the handset to pan across the area and locate the soldiers. The settings are quite sensitive but these can be fine tuned in the game options. To make things a little easier, you can press the lower left button to hold your breath. This will steady your aim and you can still fine tune your aim for the coveted head shot. Press the right button to shoot. Wind is the sniper's other enemy and the later levels will require you to accommodate for this as well. With the correct scope, it's easy to judge where you should be aiming if only everybody would stop moving.